Barbara Bauer, PhD
Counseling Psychologist

Barbara Bauer, PhD

Whether you are suffering from a mild case of the blues, or a major life trauma, Barbara Bauer, PhD has the knowledge and experience to help get you through these times. Dr. Bauer is a counseling psychologist with many years of experience working with patients on a wide range of mental health issues. She counsels patients who suffer anxiety, depression, situational life stressors, and marital or relationship issues. She has particular expertise in counseling patients with eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia nervosa, and compulsive or binge eating. She also helps patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that can arise as a result of sexual violence, domestic violence, childhood abuse, accidental injury, natural disaster, war trauma or other highly distressing life events. When it comes to emotional and mental health counseling, some patients benefit from a short course of treatment, while others will establish a long-term relationship with their counselor. In either case, Dr. Bauer will provide a caring and stable counselor in your time of need.

Office Location(s):

1. Women's Wellness Center

Broadway Medical Plaza 4
1705 E. Broadway, Ste 300
Columbia, Missouri   65201
Location Phone: 573-449-9355
Location Fax: 573-441-9355

2. Center for Maternal-Fetal Care

Broadway Medical Plaza 4
1705 E. Broadway, Suite 300
Columbia, Missouri   65201
Location Phone: 573-817-0810
Location Fax: 573-817-1790

My Phone: 573-449-9355
Fax: 573-441-9355

Undergraduate Education:
State University of New York at Buffalo : 1966
BA in Biology
Graduate School Education:
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO : 1984
PhD in Counseling Psychology with emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and Personality Theory
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO : 1979
MEd in Counseling Psychology

American Psychological Association : 1985