What does it mean to be accredited by the AIUM, and why is it important?

Accreditation Ensures Excellence in Practice Standards

Accreditation by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine means that our physicians, staff, and equipment meet the rigorous standards specified by the AIUM. Accreditation with the AIUM is voluntary. To earn accreditation, the ultrasound practice must take the initiative to demonstrate that it meets or exceeds national standards in every aspect of ultrasound that is specified by the AIUM. This includes:

  • Proof that physicians who ultimately interpret the ultrasounds have received specialty training,
  • A program for ensuring that all ultrasound equipment is medically safe and rigorously maintained,
  • Documentation that ultrasound procedures are thorough and complete,
  • Evidence that ultrasound equipment used is appropriate for the types of tests being performed.

Certification Ensures Excellence in Professional Standards

Ultrasound technologists (sonographers) may be credentialed by the American Registry of Medical Sonographers (ARDMS). To achieve ARDMS certification, an ultrasound professional must meet high standards in knowledge and clinical skills. He or she must pass a rigorous ARDMS examination, testing both theoretical and clinical knowledge. ARDMS-certified sonographers must maintain their credentials by fulfilling continuing education requirements that serve to enhance their knowledge and keep their skills up-to-date.

Peace of Mind

Accreditation of our practice by the AIUM, combined with certification of our sonographers by the ARDMS, provides our patients with peace of mind. Through our voluntary compliance with the standards set by the AIUM and ARDMS, you can be assured that the leading experts in ultrasound stand behind this practice, promoting lifelong competency and learning for our sonographers and doctors, and constant improvements in quality control.

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